May 28, 2024
Why Dads Should Help Their Kids With homework

Why Dads Should Help Their Kids With homework

It is constantly a debate in parent-teacher circles as to whether parents should help with homework, and up to what level they should if so. When it comes to the home, is the homework review the mom’s or the dad’s responsibility? Helping kids with their homework has nothing to do with you making them lazier, but rather being present along the way of their study. Which brings up the question, what role as a dad do you play in this sector?

As a present dad, part of your presence measure means you are involved as much as you can in knowing what your child is learning, helping them when they get suck as well as recommend ways through which they can improve. Here are some practical ways you can help your kids with their homework.


Focus On Your Child’s Learning Method

Kids are different, with different ways of learning. Some could learn better by using visuals, while others use words. Some will read books and others prefer the practical sessions to understand. To help your child with their homework, understand their learning method first so that you can easily personalize their learning. It helps to prevent both of you from being frustrated by trying methods that do not work.

Tell Them To Consult You If They Are Stuck

If you are often turning down your child and letting them do things on their own, you may be missing out on the point. Sometimes your child is honestly stuck at their homework, and needs you a sense of encouragement. Let them know that you are open minded enough to be consulted. Avoid turning your child down and use that as an opportunity to help your child through, gently helping him understand concepts or recap them from his studies as well as research.

Monitor their Homework Performance

Have you spent a week or months without even checking your child’s homework report? Then you could be missing out on a lot. To know whether they are understanding some concepts, monitoring their performance is key. Get to see which subjects they are struggling with so that you can recommend the best way to improve.

Keep track of what your child is studying for best results.
Do Innovative Practical Sessions With Them

The more practical a lesson is, the better the understanding. As a dad, use this time when your child consults you on their homework to be creative and more practical. You can even decide that during the family time days, you shall take them through the practical sessions using your environment.


Keep In Touch With Their Tutor

If you are not your child’s home-schooling tutor and have put them in school, ensure you keep in touch with their tutor. Ask them about your child’s response to the leaning so that you can actually trace where the source of the problem lies. It could be that your child is having challenges in concentrating in class, hence unable to complete their homework. Stay in touch with the tutor and you shall be better off.

Go ahead and help your child with their homework. They can learn a lot from you too!

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