May 28, 2024
Top Affirmations Boys Need to Hear from Their Dad

Top Affirmations Boys Need to Hear from Their Dad

I am brave,
I am strong,
I can do anything!

These are the words I tell my son to narrate every morning and night before he sleeps. I started this ritual when he was one year and he had started to walk while holding on the tables. I could notice him get disappointed as he wanted to walk faster. Starting to tell such positive affirmations to him has transformed him so much, such that I often spot him telling that to himself when he is alone and facing a certain difficulty. I often walk away proud, and later, the boy comes singing to me of his achievement!


Sons are often more inclined to pushing the limits, but with this needs a lot of encouragement. Giving your son positive affirmations works on their self-esteem as well as push them to face oncoming challenges. Starting at a young age will do magic, and encourage your young man to navigate life well. Here are some top affirmations you can give your son to encourage the man in him as he grows.

You Are Handsome!

I know we do not think of it much, but in all truth, loving oneself begins from loving one loving their body. As you tell your son that they are handsome, it helps them know that they should take care of their bodies and concentrate on their grooming. It is not meant to make someone vain or concentrate on their muscles as they grow older, but really affirm their sense of self.

You Are Brave!

Oh how many things our sons lose out on participating in because of fear! Like my little one, he was afraid he would fall and I had to constantly encourage him. Being brave enables someone to face obstacles by merely taking the risk! This affirmation will help your son to know that they should be open to try their luck.


You Are Strong!

Strength is an important factor here as many will consider themselves weak and unable to do anything. Encourage your little man that he is strong, and that way he will believe in unveiling it from within. Since boys tend to be pretty physical, this is an encouragement for them to pursue that path as well, maybe being athletic or ability to release their testosterone.

You Are Brilliant!

Do you remember the days that you have had self doubt and it has caused you so much imbalance? Well, you can change that by telling your son that he is brilliant. It gives him confidence in his mental abilities and encourages him to put more effort in his problem solving skills.

You Can Make It!
A positive affirmation a day, keeps the therapist away!

Any man does well with positive affirmation. My boy could be struggling with his painting class and I come in to just encourage him that he can do it. It works like breathing life to a dying man. Straight up he gathers more strength and completes his task!

I am Proud of You

This is a strong statement that encourages them to keep going no matter what, as you have their back.

Aim to encourage your sons as much as you can, and help them navigate life boldly! As a dad, you have the power to breathe life to your mini-yous.

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