April 18, 2024
Cheap ways to perfectly spend time together

Cheap ways to perfectly spend time together

I used to think that spending time with my spouse had to be expensive. I remember how this notion affected our marriage in the beginning so much, that I was afraid of anything cheap. I would go for months without spending time with her.  In my head, I was waiting for that perfect moment. The camera moment! So that I could go all out and impress MY WOMAN!

I would go through the costs in my head and quickly relinquish the idea due to the cost effects. That perfect moment just never came. I became blind to the opportunities of spending time together and missed out on one of my wife’s love languages. Now with four years in marriage, I have come to realize that I don’t have to rob a bank in order to spend time with her. Here are some cheap ways that have worked magic in our relationship, and could work across the board.

Cooking together

We do this all the time. First, you start by planning a meal that you both enjoy. You then proceed to buy the ingredients together. As you walk about, you can chat, joke and even teach each other about different menus that you both grew up with. During the preparation of the meal, you can again help one another with the chores. This will improve your coordination as a couple and strengthen your bond. Furthermore, you get to learn your partner more as they are usually encouraged to talk more about themselves.

Picnic in the house

Picnic going doesn’t have to be outside. It can very well be planned and executed right at the comfort of your house. I know this from experience. Our house is not big but occasionally we move the furniture around, throw a Maasai shuka, a few accessories and Viola! We have ourselves a house picnic. It’s very cheap and offers an alternative from the normal daily routine that can get boring.

Spend a night at an Airbnb

Have you heard of staycations? Probably. They are considered expensive, but as I came to realize, they aren’t at all, atleast not with Airbnb. With as little as $20, you can book a nice exotic Airbnb apartment that matches your needs. You can then carry a few stuff from your house and head to your ‘honeymoon’. You can also order takeout meals, as it relieves you of having to cook hence sparing you more time to spend together. This new environment with stir up your romance in ways that will blow your mind. Try it!

Play board games

When we were dating, there is this game where you have a column of names, cars, fruits, country and animals, then you are required to fill each with a word that starts with one letter that the other has chosen. We would play it all the time. I beat my wife’s on cars and she would whoop my ass when it came to food/fruits! I sacked in that stuff man! Choose one or two that work for you, spare time and enjoy. Monopoly, chess, scramble and jenga are just but a few that you can choose from. You can also both be creative and innovate your own games that suit your taste and preferences.

Go window shopping

Who said one has to have carry money when going shopping? Window shopping is a perfect way to spend time together. You get to learn your partner. There likes and dislikes, which comes in handy when buying them gifts. It is also a great time for couples to create desires together that they can then both work on to achieve. Thus encouraging saving and investing together.

Participate in a charity together

My wife and I have these small traditions in our family that every now and again we must contribute our time, money and other resources to people who need them. That’s why from time to time we run small charity drives for friends and family to contribute monetarily or otherwise to some cause. It’s great and the feeling is amazing! You can also try it with your partner. It will connect you so deeply. It’s like worshiping together. You come out if it feeling so edified.

I know you are probably thinking, “We don’t have time!” Before you spit it to action, here is my response. Create it! If something is important, you create time. Avoid that night out with the boys and just do a house picnic with your girl! Write an appreciation note to her telling her how much she means to you and how much you love her. It will work like wonders. Always does for me.


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