May 28, 2024
Choosing Homeschooling Helped Me With My Opinionated Child

Choosing Homeschooling Helped Me With My Opinionated Child

Do you have an opinionated child, the one that challenges you to the core? I remember vividly how it felt when we took our daughter to school on week one, and the horror which made us opt for homeschooling. Tell you what, we had done a lot of preparation for this D-day. From going with her to measure and pick her uniform, buying her favorite cartoon character school bag, and singing a million nursery rhymes that prepare kids for school. During the whole process, I was encouraging my daughter and constantly took pictures as a proud parent. Little did I know that homeschooling would be the type of schooling that would work for me. Let me paint the picture for you.


The day was a Monday, and I woke up early, having prepped a few things the previous day. For instance, we had put the crayons, books and other school materials in her Dora the Explorer bag. After prepping a quick breakfast of bacon and egg sandwich with some milk, her favorite, I then sat, awaiting for day to unfold. She woke up happily (you know this felt like a miracle since I was not ready for a toddler tantrum) and at least I knew we were on the right track. Breakfast moves well and we leave. The whole time I am asking my daughter, who at the time is blank faced, whether she is excited to go to school. No answer. We reach the school and happily walked to the classroom to leave the bag. Other parents were streaming in and exchanging goodbyes with their kids, and I thought I should pull a chair and talk to my daughter. This was the moment of truth.

Poor child, once I finished mentioning that I wanted to leave, all hell broke loose. She started crying hysterically, even after I gave her teddy to hold on to for comfort. Girl was uncontrollable. This is what I had not anticipated. The screams and rolling on the floor, it was as if she was bitten by something. The teacher thankfully came to my aid and helped me at the time, mentioning that it was okay if I went back home with her, we would have tried the following day. The same occurred for the week, and I was growing tired of how she disliked her school environment. It almost felt like torture and when we returned home, she would be calm and contained. I knew that I had to choose another way of schooling her. After absconding school for the other week, I researched more on my homeschooling options.

Beginning the homeschooling journey has been one that has worked as I noticed my child had anxiety. She also wanted more attention and homeschooling worked for us. Since her learning method was more visual, doing more of practical sessions has worked better. Homeschooling has proved to be a method that has built my daughters confidence. It helps us spend more time and I get to outsource different tutors. At the end of the day, identify what works for your child and run with it.

Story by an Anonymous Dad.

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