April 18, 2024
10 Signs You Are At Risk of Getting Obese

10 Signs You Are At Risk of Getting Obese


Being obese is a very important issue that many people take for granted until it’s too late to turn back. The road down to obesity is mostly not a planned one. Here are some of the signs that you’re getting obese or you are already there plus some of the preventive measures you should take to avoid suffering from it.

Aching Knees. One absolute sign that you are turning to being obese is the abnormal aching of your knees. This is especially so if you’re not even walking around. Issues like these may seem simple, but you should immediately seek medical advice once they arise.

Back Ache; I know there are many reasons as to why one has backaches like accidents, falls, or working too hard without rest. However, that doesn’t mean you should not consider it’s as obesity. Go check it out and hear the reason why from your doctor.


Depression; Many patients who’ve recorded cases of obesity tend to end up falling into depression. Not obese patients alone, even those who feel like they are too weighty can end up getting depressed.

Obese people feel embarrassed and afraid of victimization which leads to isolation ending up in depression.

Breathlessness; If you find yourself having short, shallow breaths, you should get checked for obesity. This is because obese people find it difficult to move around effortlessly. The reason behind this is the extra fat around your neck and chest gets restrained yet it is good for the airflow in and out of your lungs.

Heartburn; Obese patients go through frequent heartburns which occur almost daily. You are most likely to find them with heartburn medicine on their medicine shelf.

You may try seeking medical assistance if you have started experiencing heartburns day in and out.

Snoring; Well, yes, that vibration of the soft tissue in your throat and neck as you breath causes snoring. Being obese actually increases the risk of Obstructive Sleep

Eating junk food is the major cause of obesity: PEXELS

Those who have a large amount of fat around their neck with a neck circumference of more than 43 cm (17 inches), usually snore a lot.

Skin Problems; Obesity can leave your skin darkened, and possibly velvety on the areas of the neck and body folds due to the change in hormones. That’s why you’ll find yourself having stretch marks brought by the stretching of your skin.

Varicose Veins; This is an abnormal, dilated vessel that pops up due to the weakening of vessels walls. It mostly affects women and research has found out that almost 50 per cent of women between 40 and 50 years of age, and nearly 75 per cent of women between 60 and 70 years of age have these surface leg veins.

Being obese is one of the fastest rising global concerns: PEXELS

Irregular Periods; Obesity may lead to high risks of infrequent periods, lack of periods and ovulation and heavy or long periods. This is due to the extra fat that tends to bring an imbalance of hormones.

High BP; Obesity, especially central obesity can lead to hypertension and cardiovascular problems. Studies suggest that at least two-thirds of the prevalence of hypertension can be directly attributed to obesity.

These among others are some of the signs that you are at risk of getting obesity and if you are going through them I would suggest you visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Obesity isn’t a condition that’s inherited, it’s something that occurs due to our day-to-day lifestyles. Some know they’re obese and there are those that don’t know. Funny enough, many people believe obesity is just a condition for fat people. Well, that’s wrong, there is a huge difference between being fat and being obese. Keep that in mind.

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