April 18, 2024
Foods One Should Avoid To Get Six Pack Abs

Foods One Should Avoid To Get Six Pack Abs

I confidently walk in the gym with a shirt off and my ego is boosted high-tech everywhere because I know my six pack abs are attention ‘getters’! Having a thin body in high school which transformed later in the years, I have always had a comparatively low body fat in my abs. Smart eating defines a lot as well as self-control of what goes down your gut. Of course I never even follow a specific nutritional plan but I have realized that eating a certain type of food will make you never see the muscles in your abs. However, it is good to always select what we can consume just based on our needs and not stick to the stereotypes where people avoid foods due to fictional risks. Many people avoid sugar, wheat, and red meat which is linked to cancer but in a real sense, wheat has always been a diet since the beginning of the world.

Monitor Your Calories

In ideal terms, one is supposed to monitor the number of calories they take versus the ones they burn, either through their daily activities or exercises. The moment one exceeds the caloric goals, that’s when it becomes impossible to melt the abs fats and it won’t be possible to see the six-pack muscles from the outside. The muscles are just covered by a layer of fat which makes them not protrude on the outside. One has to go an extra mile in strict dieting and exercise to see them clearly on the outside. The same way one will include some foods in the diet to get a six-pack is the same way one needs to exclude some foods in the diet to get a six-pack

Things to Avoid


Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health: PEXELS

In as much as one may need to relieve stress and relax your mind after heavy training, doing it with alcohol is detrimental since it will manifest negatively on your training and general physique. Beer has carbohydrates and makes it difficult for one to reduce excess weight. One can never train at his peak after previous heavy drinking and since the body gives it first priority for metabolizing, burning any stored fat will be difficult.

Liquids with High Sugar Contents

Liquids like soda and fruit juices have a lot of calories and the substitute sugars that they utilize will really spoil your body. More studies that excess sugars will create more fat around your waist! Linked research even shows that people who take sugar drinks such as artificial sugars risk having more than three times abdominal fats than a person who sticks to water.


Junk Food

Avoid french fries and burgers to build up on your six pack abs: PEXELS

It is with no doubt that junks are so full of sugars, fats, and carbohydrates. All these things lead to excess body fat in the abdominal areas. These foods have very low energy levels and low training results.

Heavy Carbohydrates

Even though we looked at this with beer and fast foods, refined grains will keep you from never seeing your abs! This is because they slow down the metabolism and are not burned effectively after which they turn into fats that are stored in the body. Things like pasta, rice, bread should be avoided if you want a six-pack, or the best if you have to take them, make sure they are taken in very low calories. However, going on a caloric deficit will be the only sure bet on seeing the abs and melting down body fat.


I know almost 98% of people reading this are guilty of the above-mentioned foods but all is not lost. Just remember to get in shape according to your goals. However, if you want a six-pack, healthy dieting and exercise have to apply to get into the best shape and dream physique.

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